Fly Catcher House Fly Trap Catcher Machine

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  • Catching Principle: sugar water or soft food crumbs are placed in 5 bait stations on the electric fly catcher; As the flies feast, the rotating arms sweep over them, trapping them inside; They fly into the collection tray and die a few days later; Pull off the bottom to empty the tray
  • Various Places to Use: the flying insect trap is suitable for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, farms and next to garbage cans; Since it is not waterproof, please keep it indoors and make sure there is a power outlet for the USB connector to connect to power
  • Dedicated Fly Baiting Agents: the baits of the gnat trap can affect the effectiveness of catching flies, so in order to catch more flies, please use dedicated fly baiting agents; The sweet desserts are also good choices, but do not use hard food as baits
  • Safe to Use: the fly trap indoor uses physical methods to catch flies and can effectively attract flies and other flying insects, which can nicely relieve you of the worries about insets in summer
  • Away from Interference: when using this electric fly trap you need to ensure that there is no human interference around, while not moving objects in the side, efficiently saving energy and your time, which is an ideal helper to solve the insects problem

Electric Fly catcher uses rotating arms and bait stations to trap flies and other insects for effective pest control. It is versatile, suitable for many indoor spaces including kitchens, living rooms, farms, and garbage cans. The trap is safe to use and catches flies through physical means rather than harmful chemicals. The device requires no human interference and can help solve insect problems efficiently.

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